An Ace Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to make an ace tie-dye shirt and failed miserably.  So, I tried a different (and simpler) way of being crafty and made this ace bracelet.  On the bright side, unlike the shirt, I can wear this every day.

It’s made of 6/0 “E” beads with an elastic string through the middle.


3 thoughts on “An Ace Bracelet

  1. Thank you. I saw myself many times in your series . I am 75 years old and have wondered all my life why I was different from others around me. I too always thought they were faking it. I did not realize til I read your post that I am not the only one. The only thing that makes me sad is that the realization came so late in my life. I have a wonderful daughter and 2 grandsons, but the soul searching need not have been so painful. I am retired and living alone and happy. I wanted to know why I am happy, when everyone asks how can you be happy living alone. Now I know.

  2. It’s a beautiful bracelet. I went through my jewelry box & found some rubber band type bracelets in all the right ace colors. I even have some plastic purple heart-shapped bracelets that I wear upside down as spades.

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