Asexuality: A Brief Introduction is now available for purchase in paperback form or as a free PDF download!

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About Asexuality: A Brief Introduction:

This 125 page book is one of the first books dedicated exclusively to talking about asexuality as a sexual orientation.  It’s composed primarily of articles from this site all organized into a handy-dandy block of bound paper for your reading convenience.

Sometimes called “A Fourth Orientation”, asexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by a persistent lack of sexual attraction toward any gender. This book explores love, sex, and life, from an asexual point of view. This book is for anyone, regardless of orientation. Whether you’re asexual, think you might be, know someone who is, or just want to learn more about what asexuality is (and isn’t), there’s something inside for you.  Written by an asexual, it discusses the topic from the inside.

Table of Contents:

  • I Am Asexual
  • What is Asexuality? (Introductory notes)
  • Common Questions About Asexuality (Common newbie questions)
  • Possible Signs of Asexuality (A three-part rundown of some type of somewhat common experiences among aces)
    • Personality and Identity
    • Sex and Sexual Activities
    • Interactions and Relationships
  • Asexuality: Myths, Misconceptions and Other Things That Are Just Plain Wrong (Debunking ignorant statements)
  • Things That Are Not Asexuality (A list of things that are often confused or conflated with asexuality)
  • Symbols of Asexuality
    • The Asexuality Flag (About the flag and its origin)
    • Black Rings (About the black rings)
    • Cake (About cake and its clear superiority over pie)
  • A Bit of Attraction (Discussion of the many types of attraction, including sexual, romantic, and aesthetic)
  • Under the Ace Umbrella: Demisexuality and Gray-asexuality  (Talking about graces and demis)
  • Celibacy, Abstinence, Asexuality  (And how they’re not all the same)
  • An Asexual on Sex  (Talking about sex)
  • “Don’t you all hate sex?” (More about sex)
  • “But asexuals can’t masturbate!” (About masturbation)
  • Personal Perspectives (More personal views and stories about various topics)
    • What Asexuality Is To Me
    • Option D: None of the Above (My “Coming Out” note)
    • Q & Ace (My “Coming Out” followup)
    • Sex
    • Attraction
    • Porn
    • Love
    • Forward Advances
  • Glossary
  • References

If you have any questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, or other feedback, then please contact me at a c e @ a s e x u a l i t y a r c h i v e . c o m

(Also, if you’re going to link to this, please link to this page and not to the file itself.)

7 thoughts on “Book

  1. Hi. I just wanted to say “Thank you!” for this great book and website. I had a lot of questions about the way I feel and found most of my answers here. You put great efforts in all this and I appreciate it! So, thank you, again! Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. This is so cool. Now, I know what the differences are. I’m a teenager btw. But I can deal with all this. I’m still a virgin. And I’m not a slut. :)

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