About AsexualityArchive:

I created AsexualityArchive because I hadn’t found a repository for all-things-ace anywhere else.  Plenty of information on asexuality is tied up in blog posts or on message boards or in videos and the problem I had with all of those things is that they’ll get buried by the sands of time.  When you write a blog post, no matter what it’s on or how earth shatteringly wonderful it is, it doesn’t get read after the first day, because no one can find it anymore.  My goal with this site is make sure that good information stays visible, whether it’s a day old or five years old.

Little by little, I’m trying to build a guide to asexuality.  Hopefully these posts will be informative and entertaining to ace and non-ace alike.  If not, at least it’ll keep my typing fingers nimble…  Either way, I don’t claim to speak for all asexuals.

About me:

I am asexual.  I made the discovery in April 2011, after years of thinking that I just wasn’t any good at being straight.  I’m a cismale with a currently undetermined romantic orientation that lives somewhere close to aromantic, but with just enough heteroromantic touches sprinkled into it to keep things confusing.  I currently live outside of Seattle and work in the software industry.

Contact Info:

Email: a c e @ a s e x u a l i t y a r c h i v e . c o m

Twitter: @AceArchive

12 thoughts on “About

  1. This is an awesome effort to compile all useful Ace information. Everything is clearly laid out, informative and with a little humor. Props to you, and thank you for creating such a wonderful resource!

  2. I absolutly love this website, you perfectly manage to combine information, wit, humour without being patronozing. I read all your posts in an evening and I love them all, congratulations on such good work. I only recently figured out that I’m asexual, and this website has been a massive help, so thank you,thank you, thank you, thank you for writing all this!

  3. Hello.
    I found you on Google: D

    You worked hard making this website and it paid off. I really love it. Its full of information that isn’t really complex. I feel it is more of thoughts, feelings, experiences and knowledge than a scientific meaning and explanation. That’s what I like about it. Easy to understand. : )

  4. Oh my Gawd! You are a godsend. Prophet or angel or just brilliantly my now word. I stumbled across your site/article while googling sapiosexual and demisexual. I feel like the little intruder who slept in the baby bear bed, finally resting cozily after so much soul searching to find something that fits. Grazia bello!

  5. hi,

    This is wonderful and thank you for being online and reachable. I am a member of AVEN, have looked at everything out there that may exist on this subject. What is lacking I feel is a safe community where one can get together. I know there are meetups. I know about the dating sites too, though I haven’t tried it much.
    How about we come together to form a community to interact which could lead to possibilities of lifetime companionship.
    Do you see a possibility of creating such a space. Can we attempt to make one? Just my two bit on what I’d really like and am sure there are many like me who would at some point think about it.
    By the Asexuals. For the Asexuals. Of the Asexuals.
    Thank you.

  6. massive thank you for this site!! and the book and in general and everything :)
    it helped me a lot to explain a-sexuality to my environment and obvsl to learn more about myself and my (a)-sexuality.
    its all brilliantly written and I am a big fan :)

    keep up the good work!

  7. Hello,

    I am 15 yrs old and recently realised I was asexual.
    I bought your book: Asexuality a brief introduction, and it was so helpful for me.
    The information and the way you describe everything made me want to try help out other asexuals and I was wondering if there was a way I could do this?
    Thank you again

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