Ace Toothpick Flags

Ever had an ace meetup and wanted that extra something to make it special?

Ever wanted to decorate something with a lot of little pieces of asexual pride?

Ever wanted to stake your claim to a sandwich?

Well, now you can!

Introducing Ace Toothpick Flags!

The do-it-yourself solution to all your ace pride needs!

(Or at least some of them.  The ones that require toothpick flags, anyway…)

Download the patterns here:  PNG | PDF

You just need a printer, some scissors, some toothpicks, and a glue stick (or sticker paper)!

What can you do with Ace Pride Toothpick Flags?

Really, what can’t you do?

You can:

Decorate your ride.

Play capture the flag with friends.

Put it in cake (or cake-like substance).

Travel to distant worlds and claim them in the name of asexuality.

Use one as a bookmark in your favorite book.


Also available in demi and aro flavors!


2 thoughts on “Ace Toothpick Flags

  1. I had a dream a couple months ago that I was at a party where they had some kind of party favors for LGBTQIA+ identities. Basically, it was expressing my desire to understand my own identity, but that’s not the point. The point is that the party favors were something like this, and I’m convinced you’re a psychic now.

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