Black Rings

Some people will wear a black ring on the middle finger on their right hand in order to signify that they are asexual.  There’s no particular significance to the color or finger selection.  Black was chosen because it was a neutral color, while the right middle finger was chosen largely because a ring on the left middle finger would clash with a wedding band or engagement ring on the left.

Most of the time, the ring is a plain black band of some sort, made out of plastic, stainless steel, or hematite.  Some people will opt for a fancier design, with an “Ace” symbol, or with purple and grey highlights.

The black ring symbol began in a thread on AVEN in June of 2005:

25 thoughts on “Black Rings

    • If you intend it to be used for semi-covertly identifying yourself to other aces, I would recommend wearing it on the right middle finger. Otherwise people will think it’s just a black ring.
      However, if you want to wear it for your own personal reasons, then the finger doesn’t matter.

  1. I have heard that the black ring also identifies swingers. If I wore one, how likely would it be that I would be misidentified?

  2. I’m not out (to most people), and I like my black tungsten carbide band as a private symbol, just for myself.

    Nobody has recognized it, though I love the idea of it being like a secret ace handshake. But the heavy, very-black carbon-ness of it has many meanings for me, indirectly related to my asexual identification, and I wear it all the time, with pride.

  3. I have this black ring that I found at home. I am not sure if it is TECHNICALLY the asexual ring. It is silver with tiny diomnds imprinyed on it, and big black diamonds too. Would that count?

  4. My brother asked me out of the blue one day, are you asexual? I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure what that term meant. So I did my research, and got the answer to his question. Yes, yes I am.

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