Although you are ace, do you still masturbate?

Q: Although you are ace, do you still masturbate? because I thought asexual meant little to no sexual attraction to anyone. but i dunno

Yes, I do.

As you say, asexuality is about attraction, it’s not about action.  Absolutely nothing about masturbating conflicts with asexuality in any way.  You don’t have to feel attraction in order to do it.  And it’s not like there’s a straight way to masturbate and a gay way to masturbate and there’s no ace way to masturbate.  Pretty much everyone who does it, does the same thing, regardless of orientation.

Some people think that there’s a list of approved reasons that an ace can masturbate, and if an asexual dare touch themselves for any other reason, they’re automatically thrown out of the orientation.  That’s ridiculous.  An asexual can masturbate because they want to “clean the pipes” or an asexual can masturbate for stress relief or an asexual can masturbate because they really really like orgasms, and they’re still asexual.  (Personally, I do it because I really really like orgasms…)

People who try to claim that someone who masturbates can’t be asexual never seem to have a good answer for what it makes a person instead.  If I’m not ace because I masturbate, what am I?  I’m still not a member of the female or male sexual fan clubs after I’ve done it, so how could I possibly be anything other than asexual?

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