I was wondering how you felt about relationships?

Q: This is probably a deeper question than what would usually be asked. I was wondering how you felt about relationships? Not the usual kind of ‘are you okay with dating’ type of thing, but the prospect that it may never happen? I am asexual aromantic, so that leaves little room for anyone to have a serious, romantic relationship with me, although I have tried.

I’m fine with the thought that it will never happen.  I think it would be extremely awkward for me.  Like I just wouldn’t belong there.

I had a romantic relationship years ago, and it just didn’t fit right.  Last summer, the prospect of a romantic relationship came up again (with another asexual, no less!) and I just couldn’t see how it could work for me.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with this person, no reason to say no, I just couldn’t bring myself to say yes, because I knew that I didn’t belong there.

Then again, I’ve always been an introvert, a loner.  I’m fine taking 5000 mile road trips with only a map and a camera.  (And a ton of camping equipment and clothes and snacks and guidebooks, etc.  But you get the idea.)  I don’t know that I’d know how to share a life with someone.

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