Have you ever had a romantic, or sexual relationship?

Q:  Have you ever had a romantic, or sexual relationship? If yes, did you feel like you enjoyed it, or had to fake it (was it traumatic?). If no, do you think this has affected your orientation in any way? Would you ever have a sexual relationship?

I have had a romantic and sexual relationship.

Once.  Thirteen years ago.

I guess I enjoyed it, but there were parts where I felt like I was acting.  I never really felt like I was faking it, though.  It was fairly apparent that I wasn’t all that sex-inclined.  It was a frequent topic of conversation.  She even asked me if I was asexual once, but I brushed it off because I didn’t know what the word meant at the time.

I wouldn’t say any part of it was traumatic.  Nothing was outside of my willingness or comfort levels.  Even the sexual stuff was something I wanted to do.  (Although some of it was boring…)

Would I ever have another one?  Maybe.  I used to say that I’d do it again in the right situation, but last year, the potentially right situation sort of presented itself and I steered clear of it, because even the beginning simply didn’t feel like somewhere I belonged.

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