6 thoughts on “Asexuality Cheat Sheet

  1. I know a lot of people who don’t even know what asexuality is, and can’t even begin to comprehend the meaning. My psychology professor, “Asexuality is a nurological disorder , biologically we are suppose to be attracted to one gender or even both, our innate psychologies and biologies do not allow for such a thing to exist.”
    What my notes say:
    Looks like once again I am an ecxeption to another “psychological theory.”

    • Yes, I know a lot of people who can’t comprehend asexuality either. My parents and my brother knows, but all of my relatives don’t believe it. But if they really knew me . . .

  2. More Amazing pictures… Because I’m new to the term, Everytime I say Asexual I think Exactly of those first couple images, (biology class interferes with those terms), until it becomes a good habit, I use ace instead… Keep up the good work.

  3. My mother’s neighbor was talking to her about how he always felt alone and different because he is gay. Then my mother mentioned to him about me.
    “my daughter has also been different. She’s never wanted to date.”
    He asked her, “is this the daughter I’ve met?”
    My mother confirms it.
    And he said, “so she’s asexual.”
    My mother confirms that too.
    How awesome, just in that moment a stranger believes that I am asexual. But trying to tell relatives in the family about me being asexual would never get anywhere. They have known me for my whole life without really knowing me.

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