I am Asexual

I am asexual.
I don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone.
Not men.  Not women.
That’s all it is.
I’m not gay.
I’m not straight.
I’m not bi.
I’m none of the above.
Asexuality is real.
It’s not fake.
It’s not a hormone problem.
It’s not a way of running from a bad relationship.
It’s not an attention grab.
It’s not some way to be “special”.
I don’t care if you have sex.
I don’t care if you don’t.
I don’t want to recruit you.
I don’t want to convert you.
I don’t want to shame you.

I just want you to understand me.

2 thoughts on “I am Asexual

  1. WOW……………perhaps this is an answer as to why I don’t date…or chase after those of the opposite sex…or anyone for that matter
    I haven’t been touched by anyone in an intimate way in well over 8 years and haven’t slept with anyone since the early summer of 1998
    I am wondering if this “asexuality” is really who or what I am


    • I’ll be celebrating my 40 year old virgin birthday within the cake section of this website this weekend. Join me there & I’ll post about my birthday.

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