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  2. i’m a little confused because it looks like a regular plaid shirt. is there a symbol that can be added to it to let everyone know what it stands for? (btw: my favorite colors are purple and black. XD)

  3. Wow! I’ve known I am ace for 15 years, but I just realized this year that I have a lot of black, Grey, white, & purple clothes in my closet. I’ve been dressing up ace all along. I also just learned about the black ring this year, so two days after reading about it, I went shopping to find just any black ring I could find. I also bought two dresses with all the ace colors & one of them even has spade shapes all over it. I was in a goodwill store, so I wonder if the previous owner of that dress was ace too. It was just perfect for me because my symbol is the ace of spades. I’m aro ace. I also bought a Grey and purple skirt. OK, so I went a little crazy, but I’m excited to start celebrating asexual awareness next month.

    • Here it is, Ace Awareness Week & I’m wearing my ace colors! Yesterday, I read on Seattle aces and aros. com that the government in the state of Washington has proclaimed that October 20-26 is officially Asexual Awareness Week! This is where I grew up. I still visit there often. I’m so excited!

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