AAW Day 5: Love

I’ve been in love before.

She invaded my dreams.  She monopolized my thoughts.  I’d talk to her for hours every day.  I’d smile whenever I saw anything that reminded me of her.  I’d laugh about something she said days after she said it.

I wanted to spend every moment with her.  I wanted to share my life with her.  There were no secrets.

I saw her face when I closed my eyes, I felt her touch after she was gone, I smelled her hair on the breeze, I heard her voice in the silence.

She was everything to me.

I just wasn’t all that interested in sleeping with her.

6 thoughts on “AAW Day 5: Love

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  2. I’ve fallen for a chap who is asexual, he’s scared of relationships because sex should be a step. I have my issues with sexual intimacy, but if he spoke of me the way you do is be so happy. But he’s happy to push away a possible relationship with no expectations. Breaks my heart.

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