Can Asexuals Masturbate?

For the most part, yes.  Most asexual people have working parts downstairs, and that typically means that they are capable of self-stimulation and orgasm.  There is nothing about asexuality that somehow prevents masturbation, and someone who masturbates is not somehow “disqualified” from being asexual.

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2 thoughts on “Can Asexuals Masturbate?

  1. I think I am asexual but I don’t know for certain. I’ve tried researching, and most of the sites I’ve come up with have been disturbing and somehow always ended up linked back to things I don’t want to look at. I’ve experimented (I’m a teenager, we all do) But penises freak me out like, seriously in a ‘get it away from me’ way, and vaginas disturb me as well (despite the fact that YES I have one of my own). I have a current boyfriend, and I have dated before, but once we got to the point of kissing or anything past it, I get really uncomfortable and all of a sudden don’t want to be around them. I like these people, but only as friends. I’m that way with everyone I date, and I’m always the one to break it off because it isn’t fair to me or them, when I don’t care about them romantically and hanging out and having fun can be done when we’re friends. I’ve tried thinking of it as I’ve not found “the one” but that just seems like a crappy line from a dime-store novel. And at first when someone told me I might be asexual I thought ‘well, I don’t think I am, I think I just might not be able to love’ and that made me want to cry. Because I DO love the guys/girls I’ve dated, I honestly do, but I love my mom and I love my dog just as much. I’m just terribly confused and this site has helped, but it’s seems to me like it’s for those who already define themselves as being asexual. Is it really possible that I just haven’t met that one person yet? Or am I asexual? Any feedback or opinions would help me so immensely and thank you so much! :D

    • I think you are asexual. Because if you were not, you would be attracted to someone at least once… You dont have to love someone to feel sexually attracted to him/her.

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