One thought on “Aromantic Toothpick Flags

  1. I made a double-sided flag, but instead of using a toothpick, I used a straw as the handle and used a larger piece of paper to make the flags. On one side is the aromantic flag. On the other side of the paper is the asexual flag. My dad saw me making it, just as I finished attaching the paper to the straw & he asked me what the flags meant. He’s known I’m asexual for years, but didn’t know about what the flags look like. And he never knew what aromantic was. He’s out of the loop. But he was asking me questions and was willing to listen. So I showed him pics on this website of the flags, and explained that some asexual people do want romance. I just don’t feel it. He was confused and didn’t get why I would want to watch romantic movies.
    “doesn’t that make you feel unhappy & lonely. Wouldn’t that make you want to have romance?”
    I tried to remain calm & explain again. “there are a lot of myths out there. Just because I watch these type of movies doesn’t make me feel romance. I can feel love for family and friends. I just don’t feel the romantic love. I didn’t choose it, but I’m happy & like to see what makes others happy too. ”
    He was still confused.
    At one point I asked him a question. “why do I have to want what everyone else wants?” I’ve asked that question before, really hoping for an answer, but usually I don’t get one. So, I continued to explain. I used the Soul Surfer movie as an example. I like watching that movie because even though she was attacked by a shark, surfing still makes her happy. I like watching other people happy, but it doesn’t mean I want to go surfing now.
    And finally my dad seemed to get my point. He said watching romantic movies would make him sad because he couldn’t get any. But funny thing is, he seems a lot like me. He’s not even the romantic type, even when he was married. He says I’m not the dating type, but neither is he. He never goes out with anyone either. I think he’s aromantic and asexual too, he just never would identify.

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