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There are some topics that I see turn up repeatedly in asexual spaces, yet I rarely see them explored to any great extent.  “An Asexual’s Guide To …” was born out of a desire to explore some of those topics.  In this series, I aim to go in depth into topics that many aces are curious about, but are reluctant to explore.  There are certainly other sites out there that talk about these subjects, but they rarely approach them from an asexual point of view.  Often, in fact, these topics are discussed in a manner that is alienating to asexual people.

In the coming pages, I will be direct and detailed about the topics I’m discussing.  My intent is to bring these subjects into the open and talk about them without shame or squeamishness or stigma.

An Asexual’s Guide To … AnatomyThis post starts you on a tour of your body.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Female Anatomy:  This post takes you on a tour of a body that’s generally characterized as having a clitoris and vagina.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Male Anatomy:  This post takes you on a tour of a body that’s generally characterized as having a penis and testicles.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Arousal:  This post talks about what arousal is and what it does to your body.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Orgasms:  This post talks about orgasms, what they are and what they aren’t.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Masturbation:  This post talks about masturbation, what it is and what it’s like.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Male Masturbation:  This post talks about masturbation with a male body, including a basic how-to.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Female Masturbation:  This post talks about masturbation with a female body, including a basic how-to.

An Asexual’s Guide To … Having Sex:  This post talks about having sex with a partner.

Disclaimers and such:

I’ve written much of this series in the second person.  This is to make it more conversational and less formal in tone.  However, this does not necessarily mean that you, personally, will have all the bits and pieces exactly as described or that you’ll feel everything that’s described.  If something says “you”, but it doesn’t match you, don’t worry about it too much.  Everyone is different and most variations are completely natural and don’t mean anything is wrong.  Unfortunately, these posts can’t cover everyone’s experiences.  It’s simply impossible to do that.  While I’ve tried to include a wide range of perspectives, there will undoubtedly be some of you who disagree with or feel left out or alienated or are offended by some of what I say.  For that I apologize.

In cases where “male” or “female” are used, they are used to refer to physical sex, not gender.

Also, note that the title of the series is “An Asexual’s Guide To …”, not “The Asexual Guide To …”.  Although I have invited input from a number of people, the writing and the viewpoint within is still just mine, and should not be taken as the official view of every single asexual ever.  I could very well be wrong or uninformed about a lot of things.

And, of course, I’m not a doctor.  Don’t use this site as a substitute for a qualified medical opinion on any issue.

7 thoughts on “An Asexual’s Guide To …

  1. Thank you so much for this entire website! I thought I was weird or dirty as an asexual who is just coming around to accept her libido as natural, but your website has put a lot of fears to rest while making me laugh and giving me very good advice. Thank you for saving me another life crisis of feeling broken and alone.

  2. Thank God for this website. I am coming to terms with my sexuality and this place has been a great guide to learning more about myself and others like me. Thank you for making this easier for me!

  3. I wish I had all the knowledge from this site ten years ago, but even just learning it all now is so helpful and a massive stress relief. I wish health class had been this kind of information.

  4. Hello, is there any chance that you can do a post or give me a source where someone explains what sexual attraction is? Every time I try to google about sexual attraction and what it is and how it feels, every website starts talking about asexuality and what it’s like to not experience it. I mean I know what it’s like to be asexual! I’m curious about what sexual attraction is!

    • So i used to be ace for 19 years of my entire life but since a couple of months I’ve started feeling the sexual attraction and now I’m pretty sure I’m allo but still on the journey. if you wanna hear the male side of sexual attraction I’d like to help.

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