Maybe I’m Not Really Asexual Because I’m Curious About Sex

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Curiosity is normal.  Sex is an important thing in many people’s lives.  Some people rave about it as if it’s the only thing worth living for.  It’s central to many aspects of our culture and influences just about everything in some way.  Even things that have absolutely no connection to sex, like cars or computer monitors, get called “sexy”.  So it’s perfectly fine to be curious about it.

Maybe you want to know what it feels like.  Maybe you’re interested in the diversity of body shapes.  Maybe you want to know what’s so great about this thing people keep going on about.  Maybe you just want to see how someone else’s genitals work.  Maybe you want to know if it’s something you’d enjoy.  Maybe you’d want to know if trying it will change how you feel about it.  Those are all valid things to want to know, even if you’re asexual.

In some cases, aces may develop a “scientific curiosity” about sex.  They want to know all there is to know about this mysterious activity.  This curiosity may even manifest before they discover that they’re asexual, as a way of exploring the sexual realm, looking for something, anything, that might catch their interest and light that sexual spark that everyone says is supposed to be there.  But all that means is that you have a scientific curiosity about sex.  It’s not the result of misinterpreted sexual attraction.

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2 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Not Really Asexual Because I’m Curious About Sex

  1. I was extremely curious from a young age, and I think I was exposed to the wrong information, in the form of books which were in a word, dirty, making it seem both intriguing, but also repulsive. And as far as desire, for me it has always been more like an occasional itch, but once scratched, it once again isn’t something I want, and I never had the desire, nor the opportunity, to have a relationship with another person. Now, far past menopause, it is even less anything I ever care to experience. That’s just my two cents.

  2. I’ve been curious about sex for years by reading about the subject. I’ve never had sex or kissed anyone since there’s no sexual attraction. I have noticed however the more I learned about sex from posts of straight people’s on social media like Facebook, the more repulsive it seemed. I have a romantic attraction like a lot of aces but there’s no sexual attraction, which is fine with me.

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