Maybe I’m Not Really Asexual Because I Masturbate

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This is one of the more common doubts.  It’s been written about extensively, including elsewhere on this site.  So let me get right to the point:  Masturbating does not somehow disqualify you from being ace.  It’s that simple.

So why does this remain such a pervasive doubt?  Why do so many people think doing it means they can’t be asexual?  A large part of it is the cultural perception that masturbation is some sort of “substitute sex”, that it’s only done as a replacement for all the sex you can’t get with someone else.  This same attitude underlies the thinking that people who masturbate are losers who can’t get any, and that someone is a sexual failure if they discover that their partner masturbates.  In that line of thinking, someone who masturbates obviously wants sex with someone.

Well, that thinking is complete nonsense.  Masturbation is not substitute sex, it’s not always a replacement for “the Real Thing”.  It can, and does, exist on its own.

Some people think that masturbation means someone isn’t asexual because masturbation is a sexual activity, involving sexual organs.  Yeah, and?  What does that have to do anything?  The word “asexual” describes a sexual orientation, it does not mean someone is completely free of all sexual characteristics and can never, under any circumstances, take part in any activity that is sexual in nature.  Under that type of interpretation, they would also have to believe that the word “homosexual” refers to someone who consistently takes part in exactly the same type of sexual activity every time they do something or that heterosexual people are infinitely varied because they must always do something different.  Clearly, that’s a ridiculous assertion.

There is also a common belief that the reason someone masturbates may indicate whether or not someone is asexual.  Some people seem to think that the only acceptable reasons are to “handle a pesky libido” or to “clear out the pipes”.  Certainly, those are acceptable reasons for an asexual person to masturbate.  Here are a few others:  Because it relieves stress.  Because it relieves period cramps.  Because you’re bored.  Because you need to provide a sperm donation for your best friend’s IVF treatment.  Because if you don’t, you’ll have to clean the sheets.  Because you’re curious.  Because you like orgasms.  Because you’re taking part in a masturbate-a-thon for charity.  Because your partner likes to watch.  Because that thing you just read made your privates all tingly.  Because why not?  Because.

There are countless other becauses, countless other acceptable reasons for an asexual person to masturbate.  Just about the only because that might cause a legitimate doubt about your asexuality is “I masturbate because I’m sexually attracted to someone”.  But even that one can’t rule out demisexuality or gray-asexuality.  And it might not even rule out asexuality, as some of the other doubts will explore.

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One thought on “Maybe I’m Not Really Asexual Because I Masturbate

  1. Io stesso non faccio sesso fa 16 anni adesso ne ho 57 eppure mi masturbo regolarmente tutti i giorni ,la questione è che sono innamorato di una donna che é passata dall aver bisogno della penetrazione tutti i giorni pena la depressione ad essere asessuata come vedete voi un eventuale relazione e come dovrei comportarmi con lei?

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