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Some people will wear a black ring on the middle finger on their right hand in order to signify that they are asexual.  There’s no particular significance to the color or finger selection.  Black was chosen because it was a neutral color, while the right middle finger was chosen largely because a ring on the left middle finger would clash with a wedding band or engagement ring on the left.

Most of the time, the ring is a plain black band of some sort, made out of plastic, stainless steel, or hematite.  Some people will opt for a fancier design, with an “Ace” symbol, or with purple and grey highlights.

The black ring symbol began in a thread on AVEN in June of 2005:

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    • Ok so what I’ve heard is that the black is just for asexuality, and then a white one symbolizes being aromatic. I haven’t heard of any other colours though (which kinda sucks because I’m panromantic and LOVE the colours)

      • i have the same issue with the pan pride flag!! it’s so gorgeous i just can’t! and it makes no sense since i’m ace myself (still figuring out what exactly, of course) so you’d think i wouldn’t care for what was downstairs or what you identify as, right?? but, alas, sexuality and orientation doesn’t work that way. sigh. T_T

    • If you intend it to be used for semi-covertly identifying yourself to other aces, I would recommend wearing it on the right middle finger. Otherwise people will think it’s just a black ring.
      However, if you want to wear it for your own personal reasons, then the finger doesn’t matter.

  1. I have heard that the black ring also identifies swingers. If I wore one, how likely would it be that I would be misidentified?

  2. I’m not out (to most people), and I like my black tungsten carbide band as a private symbol, just for myself.

    Nobody has recognized it, though I love the idea of it being like a secret ace handshake. But the heavy, very-black carbon-ness of it has many meanings for me, indirectly related to my asexual identification, and I wear it all the time, with pride.

  3. I have this black ring that I found at home. I am not sure if it is TECHNICALLY the asexual ring. It is silver with tiny diomnds imprinyed on it, and big black diamonds too. Would that count?

  4. My brother asked me out of the blue one day, are you asexual? I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure what that term meant. So I did my research, and got the answer to his question. Yes, yes I am.

  5. I wear a lot of rings, about 9 total (2 on my left middle finger, 1 on my left index finger, 2 on my left thumb, 1 on each right hand finger except my pinky)
    Since only the right middle finger ring is black, would other aces know what it means, or is so too subtle with the other rings?

    • I think it can be recognized. But since there are a bunch of other rings you’re wearing, it might be seen as more of a fashion statement. But I don’t think that should be a problem, you should wear whatever makes you happy : )

    • I think you can wear it. I wear a black one on my right middle finger & sometimes i wear a green ring on my left middle finger that, to me, represents being aromantic. Good luck to you in your ace journey.

  6. I recently found a black ring with a silver border around it. I came out as an asexual about a year ago and have been wanting a pride ring since then. This ring I found now doesn’t fit after my first knuckle, should I still wear it to identify myself to others, or would it cause too much of a clash wearing it? Hopefully, someone can help me out with this matter.

    • Hi! I think you could still wear it. I have known i am asexual for over 16 years & only heard about the ace ring two years ago, so of course i got one now. It’s black & i wear it on my right middle finger. Good luck to you in your ace journey!

  7. I’m an asexual biromantic and I wear two rings on my middle right finger. Of course one is a black ring to identify as asexual. The other ring is just there to stop the black one from falling off as I find it hard for rings to fit me. Is that still okay??

    • Yes, i think you could wear those rings together. I wear my black one on my right middle finger & i wear a green ring on my left middle finger that, to me, represents being aromantic. Good luck to you in your ace journey!

    • Another suggestion about rings in general is, usually a persons’ ring size will be the same as their shoe size. My shoe size is 6, but size 7 rings fit me best.

  8. I recently completely realized that I’m ace (yay!) and I’ve been looking into a ring, I don’t just want a simple black ring bc that doesn’t really go with my style and I want something a little blingier. I found this ring that is a black ring with white stones inlaid around the whole thing, so it’s basically a bunch of white stones held together by a black base with small black lines above and below the row of stones and I was wondering if that still counts? Like. Will other aces recognize it? Or should I go for a different one? There’s black surrounding every stone so it isn’t like the black is hidden, it’s very apparent and to me at least it looks like more of a black ring rather than a silver one compared to if the colors were reversed with a silver base and black stones.

    • Congratulations to you! Yeah, i think you could make that ring work for you. I’ve seen different ace rings online, not just black ones. I got mine about 2 years ago. It is all black & i love wearing one that represents me. Good luck to you in your ace journey.

  9. On what hand and finger do you need to wear it? I read a lot about wearing it on the middle finger on the right hand, but due to work my right hand may be problematic and prefer the left hand, is that still okay or not?
    Also I found a super cute celtic knot black ring, it’s not a black band but it is still black. Does that count?

  10. I feel like I’m on the ace and aro spectrum and I don’t want to say I’m fully ace aro but I do still want to show off my pride. If that makes sense. I heard that a black ring on one hand and one finger represents both ace and aro but I’m not sure which or if it’s true. Does the black ring or a certain hand that represents both ace and aro?

  11. I have a new black ring that has an opal in the center to symbolize hope and confidence. The problem I’d that the ring doesn’t fit on my middle finger. Is it ok to wear it on my ring finger instead of my middle one?

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