Asexuality Questionnaire #5.2: Relationships

If you have not already done so, please stop off at the main questionnaire page for important information about the intent of these questionnaires.

Thank you for your interest, but this survey is now closed!  We are no longer accepting responses at this time.  If you’re curious, here’s what the questions were:

  1. If you are aromantic, gray-aromantic, demi-romantic, or something similar, have you ever been in a relationship where your partner considered it a romantic relationship, and you did not?
  2. Have you ever experienced problems in a romantic relationship because of or related to your asexuality or romantic orientation?
  3. Did discovering you were asexual change your outlook on relationships?
  4. How would you explain the difference between a romantic relationship and a platonic relationship, if there’s no sex in the romantic relationship?
  5. Do you notice flirting?  Do you flirt (knowingly or unknowingly) with others?

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