Tim Gunn on 29 Years of Celibacy

On an episode of a show called “The Revolution”, Project Runway’s fashion guru Tim Gunn talked about his 29 year celibacy streak.  While he’s apparently not asexual, as some people have claimed (Gunn attributes his lack of sex to a particularly bad breakup), the clip is still worth a watch for those celibate aces out there (like me) as a positive affirmation that you don’t have to have sex to have a happy and successful life.

Here’s the clip and article about it:  http://popwatch.ew.com/2012/01/24/tim-gunn-on-his-29-year-dry-spell-its-not-as-though-im-some-barren-forest/

Quotes from the clip:

Gunn:  “Do I feel like less of a person for it?  NO!  Not even remotely!”

Gunn:  “I’m a perfectly happy, fulfilled individual.  And I have feelings, it’s not as though I’m some barren forest.”

Dr. Jen: “There’s a lot of people who are very comfortable with where they are at that point in their life.  Tim, I think that it’s great that you shared that very personal, and that you put the context on it that it’s okay with you.  It’s so easy when you hear ‘I wanna have more sex, I wanna have more sex’, well, maybe you don’t ‘wanna have more sex’, and that’s fine!”

4 thoughts on “Tim Gunn on 29 Years of Celibacy

      • 1. Celibacy is a choice. Did you *choose* to be a virgin for 39 years? If no, then that’s not technically celibacy. Accidental celibacy, maybe.

        2. Despite being a 39 year old virgin, do you find people sexually attractive? If yes, then that’s not asexuality.

        If you do not experience sexual attraction, and you chose to not have sex, then yes. Asexuality is not just about not having sex.

        • Thanks for your reply on this awkward topic. I did not intentionally choose to be a virgin for that long. I just knew i didn’t care. Accidental, i think you’re right about that. Absolutely not! I can say that for sure. I’ve never found anyone attractive, not ever. That’s a hell no! I know i am asexual. I’ve known for over 16years. For this reason i always sorta thought that i was choosing to be celibate. I mean, why would i do something i already know i don’t want to do? Not ever! Anyway, thanks & good luck to you in your ace journey!

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