Not Broken. Not Alone.

You are not broken.  You are not alone.NotBrokenNotAlone-You-Medium

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I am not broken.  I am not alone.


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We are not broken.  We are not alone.


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4 thoughts on “Not Broken. Not Alone.

  1. I never knew asexuality was a ‘thing’ until about 24 hours ago…I always thought I WAS broken…it’s been a very emotional 24 hours but I finally feel…validated.

  2. Wow. Im much on the same par as the last commenter. I’ve been labeled a lesbian for a very stressful few years due to my non interest in males, though i have VERY little interest in females either. That fact was ignored..and in the past week i stumbled across asexuality( in a sherlock fanfic hilariously enough ) and it fit me so well. I feel a lot better now that i understand that nothings wrong with me. At least now when im around my sexual friends and they start babbling about their sex lives i wont feel so alone. Thank you so much for making this blog.


    • A Sherlock fanfiction? It was the very same ting for me! :D And I also labeled myself as a lesbian due to my lack of sexual interest in men. If I`m not into men I had to be into women, right? Turns out there was a third option :D So I just wanted to say that I totally get you :)

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