Mario: Secret Asexual?

Mario went from the ice covered reaches of the highest mountain to the depths of the ocean, from the parched desert to inside a volcano, he was shrunk to microscopic size, shot out of a cannon, harassed by a rabbit, smacked in the head by a giant pendulum, attacked by a carnivorous piano, choked on toxic gas, fell into an endless abyss more times than he can count, and even had his hat stolen by a monkey.  And for what?


Talk about ace.

4 thoughts on “Mario: Secret Asexual?

  1. Are you talking about Mario brothers, the Nintendo game? I used to play that game with my brother 30 years ago when we were kids. Yes, Princess should have offered him cake in the game.
    Is anyone here getting ready for asexual awareness this month? What is everyone doing for Halloween?

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