Ace Activism Opportunities: Targeted Outreach

[This is part of a series on opportunities for ace activism. See the masterpost here.]

For years, the focus of asexual activism has been around visibility and awareness.  There’s been a lot of progress on that front, but it also feels like it’s a lot of just talking to each other.  If you’re not in the right circles, it can still be difficult to discover asexuality.  People who don’t know asexuality is a thing typically aren’t following ace activist Twitter feeds.  And not everyone is surrounded by Zoomers who are In The Know about All Things Queer.  Asexuality is still an invisible orientation for so many people.

So perhaps it’s time to work on more specifically reaching out to underrepresented population segments in our community, to find those missing aces where they are, instead of waiting for them to find us.

Reach out to BIPOC communities.

Talk to 40-somethings or give a presentation for a senior center.

Embark on an epic quest to uncover the lost city of ace men.

Find all the people who are still lost and broken because society has never shown them an alternative and bring them to us.

Each group will need a different approach.  An Instagram infographic probably isn’t the best way to reach that 50 year old HR director, but an article in her celebrity gossip magazine might be.  Compared to what we’ve done before, this sort of work requires a shift in technique.  Someone needs to blaze that trail.

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